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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I have to already know how to fence to join?

Not at all! 

We have members ranging from no experience to those that fence competitively. All are welcome!

How do I join?

Come to one of our practices! Speak to any exec and they will direct you to our treasurer, who will help you sign up and collect fees. The first class is free, no harm in trying it out.

Where and when are practices?

We have fencing lessons/practices on Monday/Thursday evenings, and Sunday afternoons in the Nest at UBC. Please check our schedule before coming out, as sometimes practices are cancelled. 

Do I need to stay for the entire practice?

Practices are in rooms booked for 3.5 hours, lessons are 2 hours long. 

The first hour is for warmup and footwork/ bladework drills. The second is for free-fencing with other members.

You are welcome to stay past the 2-hour mark and continue free-fencing.

Do I need to have/bring my own fencing gear to join?


We supply our members with everything needed to fence safely- masks, weapons, gloves, and fencing jackets. 

We also have electric fencing equipment for foil, épée, and sabre, if you do not have your own. However, a couple months of fencing experience is recommended prior to using the electric fencing equipment.

What should I wear to practice?

For club members who do not have their own fencing uniform, we recommend that you wear:

  • T-shirt

  • Comfortable pair of sweats, track pants, or yoga pants.

  • Running shoes or indoor court shoes (e.g. tennis, volleyball, basketball court shoes, etc).

Long hair should be tied back.

Do I have to be a UBC student to join?

Not at all, anyone is welcome to join.

*Elementary-aged children (12 and below) are not recommended to join as they may be fencing against university students much larger in size.

I have some fencing experience. What if I don't need any fencing instruction but rather, just want to fence? Can I JUST pay for the membership fee?

We require all members (with exception of drop-in members) to pay session AND membership fees. 

Session fees cover fencing instruction from our coach (if you need it), equipment damages/ wear-and-tear, and room space.

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